I’m the guy next door that everyone wants to hang out with. I’m a single leatherman living in Palm Springs, going on 2 years. In addition to my obsession with jocks, locker rooms, steam rooms, and group showers, I share my fisting fetish through the Facebook group I created called "Palm Springs FFun."  I spend most of my time singing with my band Probe 7, producing and hosting a travel show, "Gay, Sex, Underground" for HERE! TV, throwing parties and events and painting abstract art. As the new Mr. Palm Springs Leather 2020, I hope to further issues important to me and our community such as sex positivity, mental health support, and gender diversity. I look forward to developing my mental health initiative "Charlie Harding's Angel Project in Service," also known as CHAPS, and working towards eliminating the stigma attached to mental illness, educating our leather community on the red flags someone who is struggling may display and how to approach those that need help in the most effective manner. I want us to hold each other close. I want everyone to know that they are not alone. I want us to save lives. I want us to be the angels that reach into the darkness and bring others back into the light.